Providing Non-Profit Cloud Computing Services for Real World Problems


What we're about

We use our Information Technology expertise to maintain and expand a Cloud Computing center dedicated to the processing of scientific research projects. These projects are open to all to help in the fight to further Science, Medicine, and Technologies. Their research varies from Genetics, Disease, and Cancer research to Physics and developing technologies such as Solar Panels and cheaper alternatives for low cost water filtering systems. All of these different focuses need the help of volunteers and organizations who can donate usage of their computers' idle resources to help these projects. While these resources are very beneficial the rate of expansion of these projects and the lack of more widespread volunteer computing is widening the gap with goals for these and many other open research projects.

Our Mission

To provide Cloud Services for the Advancement of Science, Medicine, and Technology for the benefit of all Humankind.


How We Accomplish This

Stage 1 - The Beginning

Scientific Institutes and Universities employ or fund researchers and teams to develop new and cutting edge ways to further the sciences to benefit our understanding of the universe and work towards advances in medicines as well as technologies to better our lives. These researchers and teams, depending on the project, can create an enormous amount of data to look through for proving their ideas or testing cures for diseases or to see if their new technology is even possible before sending it along to the next stage in their development. While they may have the resources they need to get their ideas to a working model or concept they may not necessarily have the equipment required to handle all of the calculations involved or the funding to rent the computing power needed to test their innovative discoveries.


Stage 2 - Middle-ware

Seeing this need for computing power computer engineers and scientists created applications to be able to handle the processing for these discoveries and allow regular people to help participate in these projects. This is done by downloading a small piece of software to most any computer and even now some smartphones and signing up to help one of these noble projects. This then uses that computer or smartphone to process small chunks of the Data from the researchers of various scientific projects. The more volunteers involved the more processing is completed and in turn the faster the computer side research for these cutting edge projects can be completed.


Stage 3 - Solutions, Solutions...

Right now there are many volunteers helping work through the research for these projects and there is always a backlog of information or new projects right around the corner. In that data could be the cures for cancer, diseases like HIV/AIDS, or massive advances in physics and in turn our understanding of the universe. The faster we can get this research completed the work towards the next advancements can begin. Its all about progress...

This is just the beginning...

While any Volunteer Computing helps to benefit the causes, and everyone should do their part to help out, these projects need dedicated large scale resources. This is where we at Nebula Dynamics have found our home. Were building and evolving not only an infrastructure but a movement to dedicate massive amounts of resources toward the noble goals of these projects to advance not only our understanding of our universe that we live in but every bit and piece of ourselves for a better tomorrow.



Our Current Focus

We currently are working on the Rosetta@Home ((401) 444-6849) project through the Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing (BOINC) Project (/boinc.berkeley.edu). Rosetta@Home Focuses on computer modeling protiens that are being used in research through the University of Washington to search for cures to diseases as well as to better understand disease. Currently this is the first and only project we are setup for processing until we have additional resources in the way of processing servers and Graphics Processing Units (GPU) that will be installed in the servers that we have deployed already which would allow us to take on research specifically designed to be processed using GPU Power such as LHC@Home (9186147201) which is handling physics research calculations for the Large Hadron Collider at Cern.